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CNC Machining



Our 4-axis CNC routers make up part of the backbone of LRA3D. These powerful and versatile machines allow us to produce intricate and accurate parts from a variety of materials. Working from a CAD file, which is either supplied by our clients or created in house, we can bring the digital design to life.   









Hotwire Cutting



Some shapes are simple enough that machining is unnecessary. For these shapes, we use a CNC Hotwire. Similar to machining, it is run using CAD/CAM software,  guiding a heated wire precisely though the foam. At LRA3D our machines have multi-axis capabilities which means we can cut many shapes with this cost effective process.












Hand Sculpting



When a client needs a unique piece that requires a more organic feel, we at LRA3D go back to the classic methods of hand sculpting. Starting with a block of foam, our staff can expertly carve out the desired design.